The Benefits Of Flare Gas Recovery

The Benefits Of Flare Gas Recovery

The Benefits Of Flare Gas Recovery

3 January 2023
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Over-pressurised pipes and equipment at gas plants or refineries prompt safety valves to release oil and other products. Most plants generate the gas consistently, especially during testing, emergencies, startup and maintenance. You can flare the gas and employ the services of a flare oil recovery expert to handle the byproducts of the flaring process safely. Here are a few reasons to choose flare gas recovery. 

Prevent pollution

Most gases that come from the flaring plant are harmful to the environment. For example, the flare emits natural gas that cannot burn into the atmosphere. Natural gas enters the atmosphere as methane which has more potential to cause global warming than gases such as carbon dioxide from your car. Hence, the environmental impact of flaring is far-reaching. 

A refinery can minimise the gases released into the atmosphere by using a flare gas recovery system. For example, the amine washing unit in the flare gas recovery system removes hydrogen sulphide from the emitted gas. Therefore, the flaring process does not burn such gases. A refinery can significantly reduce its carbon footprint using such a system. 

Minimise cost

One of the main problems with the flaring process is that it does not reuse any of the gas dispensed from the refinery. Hence, the refinery incurs the cost of flaring and barely reaps any benefits. A flare gas recovery system helps produce gas that the refinery can use in other processes. The sale of the gas helps generate income which offsets the cost incurred by the business. 

For example, the flare gas recovery system produces hydrocarbons with low molecular weight. These liquified petroleum gases have numerous applications, including residential heating, agriculture and car fuel. The system also saves you money since you lower the risk of litigation from environmental-related issues. 

Ensure social responsibility

Modern-day consumers, investors and employees need your firm to demonstrate that it cares for society. There are different ways to show your firm's interests extend beyond the profits you make. For example, you may use the proceeds from the sale of the gases to offset the impacts that the oil and gas industry has on the environment. 

The flare gas recovery system also helps you reduce the health impacts of emissions on your workers. For instance, the system reduces the emission of volatile gases such as methane which cause respiratory problems. The system is critical to your firm's corporate social responsibility efforts. 

Flare gas recovery system benefits include preventing pollution, minimising costs and ensuring corporate social responsibility. 

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